5 Ways EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Is Saying One Thing and Doing the Other

January 29, 2018

By Claire Moser and Alison Cassady

Next month will mark one year for Scott Pruitt as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While Pruitt and his team have maintained that he is “solely focused on implementing President Donald Trump’s agenda to protect the environment,” his actions contradict these words.

Rather than upholding the mission of the EPA, Pruitt has continued the pattern he established as the attorney general for Oklahoma, where he sued the EPA 14 times and worked “arm and arm” with the fossil fuel industry. As Politico reported in a review of his actions last year, “Pruitt has rolled back or stalled environmental protections, given the fossil fuel and chemistry industries more sway over public health decisions and taken steps that critics fear will undermine work on pollution cleanups.”

According to a review by the Center for American Progress, in his nearly 12 months in office, Pruitt has taken more than 39 actions to undermine the nation’s public health and environmental protections—despite paying lip service to the agency’s mission.

Here are five ways Pruitt is saying one thing and doing the other.

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