• Victory: Scott Pruitt
  • has resigned as
  • EPA administrator
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The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is “to protect human health and the environment.” Disgraced EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt tried his best to undermine this vital mission by choosing to slash  critical health protections and let corporate polluters off the hook. Now that Pruitt’s been booted, we need an EPA administrator dedicated to undoing his toxic agenda and restoring the agency to its core mission. Progress is possible and necessary – but another corporate crony or climate skeptic will not get us there.

Scott Pruitt is gone, but the fight is just beginning. We need an EPA administrator who puts our health and environment first, period. Any alternative is unacceptable.

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Scott Pruitt is back in the news, and it would be funny if it wasn’t such a sad and blatant abuse of taxpayer money. #PruittBooted
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BREAKING: @EPAoig finds that Scott Pruitt’s administration failed to justify his $3.5 million security detail. #PruittBooted https://t.co/HVO3tvCy9b

We’ve been saying for months that there’s no justifying Scott Pruitt’s $3.5 million security detail. @EPAiog agrees. #PruittBooted https://t.co/uFbUhspsoA

There’s no justifying Scott Pruitt’s egregious waste of taxpayer money. Pruitt owes taxpayers – big time. #PruittBooted https://t.co/NDU0nuAYz9

Scott Pruitt is no longer at the @EPA, but on #NationalColoringBookDay we wanted to give you another chance to commemorate his dismissal. 🖍️🖍️ #PruittBooted

.@realDonaldTrump said he’d “drain the swamp.” With @EPAAWheeler, he’s doing just the opposite. 🤔

https://t.co/YOCpA0Flu9 #WheelerDealer

It’s the job of @EPA to protect us from toxic chemicals like TCE. It failed under Pruitt. Will @epaawheeler put our health above corporate insterests, or will he be #pruittspuppet? #ToxicTrump #BanTCE #WheelerDealer

EN VIVO: Hoy @EPWDems pondrá a prueba el compromiso que debe tener el administrador interino de la @EPA, @EPAAWheeler, de proteger nuestra salud y el medio ambiente. #StopEPARollbacks #WheelerDealer https://t.co/82qqWWa7vN

Scott Pruitt put polluters first. We can't afford more of his toxic agenda. #StopEPARollbacks #PruittBooted https://t.co/FivIrQkKyK

#StopEPARollbacks #PruittBooted

@DefendOurFuture https://t.co/dBaHkRUX7A


Over the last year, Scott Pruitt put our health in danger time and again by dismantling critical health protections and pushing his toxic agenda at the EPA with the support of climate skeptics and corporate polluters.

We need an EPA administrator who puts our health and environment first, period. Any alternative is unacceptable.