Unprecedented Secrecy Shielding Unprecedented Corruption — Trump’s Threats Series #6

January 22, 2018

An early indicator of Pruitt’s penchant for secrecy was his refusal to publish his daily schedule, as previous EPA administrators had done. When a redacted version of Pruitt’s schedule was finally released (after requestors sued), it showed that over a five-month period he had more than 100 meetings or calls with industry representatives. His five meetings or calls with environmental or science representatives made up just one percvnet of his scheduled meetings. The EPA is stonewalling on thousands of public and media requests for information, and it recently adopted a new policy of processing all the older requests first, ensuring that it won’t get to requests relevant to Trump administration activities for months or years to come.

The Administration has hired at least 15 former energy lobbyists for EPA, Interior, and DOE positions, and used ethics waivers (in many cases withheld from the public) to allow them to work on the same matters they lobbied on. More broadly, the Trump administration is largely refusing to respond to congressional oversight requests received from Democratic members, even Committee Ranking Members.

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