Trump’s First Class Swamp Monster

March 06, 2018

By Keith Zukowski –

Despite his cries of “drain the swamp,” President Trump has stocked Washington DC full with the kinds of out-of-touch elites that he so routinely rails against. Among them, Scott Pruitt—recently named “Trump’s Worst Cabinet Member”—shines especially bright for his apparent sense of entitlement, his preference for first class air travel, and reverence for private industry groups that comes even at the expense of life-saving environmental protections.

Pruitt, for his part, tries his best to put on an aw-shucks, common man persona. He likes to talk about baseball and quote Old Time Yankee catcher Yogi Berra, which feels appropriate considering Pruitt’s policies would bring America back closer to the rampant pollution of Berra’s day.

In reality, Pruitt is grabbing perks, coupled with a lack of awareness, or at least concern, for the things American people really want. Like, for example the more than 6 in 10 Americans who believe EPA should be made stronger or remain at its current levels.