The Energy 202: EPA chief fires back on flight costs as #BootPruitt campaign revs up

March 28, 2018

By Dino Grandoni –

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt flew through a storm of criticism over his use of first-class flights in the last month. Now Pruitt has emerged to throw some lightning bolts of his own.

In radio interviews over the past week, Pruitt has pushed back against criticism from environmentalists and Democrats that he is spending too much on travel.

“I’m a little bit dumbfounded by the kind of media narratives” that have emerged, Pruitt told Mark Reardon, a conservative host on KMOX in St. Louis last week.

At the same time, environmental groups are gearing up with a new campaign to oust Pruitt. On Wednesday, 10 national environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council, will begin a new campaign to remove Pruitt from office, citing what they say is Pruitt’s habit of “spending lavishly on himself.”

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