Polluted Communities React to Pruitt’s Luxury Travel: ‘I Don’t Get a Day Off from this Nightmare’

February 21, 2018

By Natasha Geiling –

For the past 1,040 days, Amy Brown has gotten up, gone to work, come home, and cooked dinner with bottled water. She has used bottled water to brush her teeth, to wash her dishes, to give to her two young children to drink.

In 2015, Brown and hundreds of other families across North Carolina received a letter from the state Department of Environmental Quality warning that their water could be contaminated with heavy metal from nearby coal ash pits. It has been over three years since Brown stopped drinking the well water that comes out of her tap out of fear for her family’s health.

So when Brown heard that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt had racked up over $90,000 on first class travel because of security risks that he attributed to the “toxic” political environment, she was stunned.

“It’s so insulting and a slap in the face, that he is above sitting with people who have questions, who might be the people who have been affected by his decisions,” Brown told ThinkProgress. “I wish that I could get away like that from my situation, but I don’t get a day off from living this nightmare.”

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