Less than 1% of EPA administrator’s meetings are with environmental groups

October 07, 2017

By Miranda Green –

Scott Pruitt has made no secret of his interest in shaking things up at the EPA. The former Oklahoma attorney general spent years during the Obama administration challenging its regulations.
Now working as administrator of the very same agency, he’s rolled back rules given more of a voice to industry players, meeting with them far more than environmental groups.
Of all of the meetings Pruitt has held in person or on the phone, the majority have been with fossil fuel industry stakeholders. He’s held more than 100 meetings with industry representatives, about 25% of meetings overall, according to a recently public copy of his schedule from April to early September. In comparison, he’s held five meetings with environmentalist or science groups, which is less than 1%.
The top groups granted Pruitt’s personal ear are industry, staff members, elected officials, media interviews and speaking engagements. Environmental groups are in 10th place for frequency of meetings with the head of environmental protection.

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