EPA chief Scott Pruitt is an ethical train wreck. He should depart.

April 30, 2018

By USA Today Editorial Board –

Scott Pruitt seems to have wriggled through last week’s high-profile testimony on Capitol Hill, but that doesn’t mean he should keep his job atop the Environmental Protection Agency.

Even in the scandal-plagued Trump administration, Pruitt stands out as an ethical train wreck who has displayed a jaw-dropping sense of entitlement. His relatively brief tenure as EPA administrator has already spawned no fewer than 11 federal inquiries.

For those keeping score at home, there’s his sweetheart, $50-a-night rental agreement with an energy lobbyist’s wife. That’s on top of his lavish spending of taxpayer money on security, first-class flight tickets and an infamous $43,000 secure phone booth that evokes mirthful comparison with the “cone of silence” in the old Get Smart television series.

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