March 28, 2018


New coordinated effort aims to force Scott Pruitt, the embattled EPA administrator under multiple investigations, from office

(Washington) — Ten of the nation’s largest and most influential environmental groups today launched a coordinated campaign to drive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt from office, calling him a dire threat to Americans’ health and our environment.

The ‘’Boot Pruitt” campaign issued this statement explaining why Pruitt must go:

“The time has come. In just over one year, Scott Pruitt has taken dozens of actions to ensure the EPA fails in its mission to protect our health and environment; allowed major industrial polluters to dramatically increase the amount of mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxins they can dump into our air and water; turned his back on the dangers from climate change; stamped out science and silenced EPA’s scientists; and wreaked all this damage while spending lavishly on himself, prompting several investigations into ethical breaches. Mr. Pruitt has unquestionably failed the people he’s meant to protect, and failed the standard of ethical conduct required of a public official. We are standing together and standing up for the millions of children and families being exposed to deadly pollution by Scott Pruitt’s dangerous policies.

“Scott Pruitt is unfit for office. His dirty dealings have wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and endangered the health of millions of Americans across our country. He must go. The ‘Boot Pruitt’ campaign will give voice to the overwhelming number of Americans who disapprove of Pruitt’s actions to put polluters first, highlight the real struggles of communities struggling under Pruitt’s toxic policies, and enlist support for forcing Pruitt from office before he can do more harm and hurt more Americans. It’s time to Boot Pruitt.”

The 10 launch partners are: Hip Hop Caucus, Defend Our Future, Green For All, GreenLatinos, Center For American Progress Action Fund, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, and Friends of the Earth.

To join the campaign to Boot Pruitt visit us online at www.BootPruitt.com or follow us on Twitter at @BootPruitt.