The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is “to protect human health and the environment.” Disgraced EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt tried his best to undermine this vital mission by choosing to slash critical health protections and let corporate polluters off the hook. Now that Pruitt’s been booted, we need an EPA administrator dedicated to undoing his toxic agenda and restoring the agency to its core mission. Progress is possible and necessary – but another corporate crony or climate skeptic will not get us there.

Scott Pruitt is gone, but the fight is just beginning. We need an EPA administrator who puts our health and environment first, period. Any alternative is unacceptable.

Join the movement and sign today – our health and our future is on the line.

TO: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Instead of doing your job to protect our health and environment, your tenure as EPA Administrator has been focused on fulfilling the toxic agenda of your industry cronies, making America more polluted and less safe.

By recklessly moving to dismantle critical health protections like the Clean Power Plan and clean water protections, rejecting standards that would reduce methane pollution, allowing dangerous chemicals to remain on the market, and advocating for the United States to abdicate its leadership role in the global clean energy economy, you undermine the mission of the EPA. Moreover, you have wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on first-class luxury travel, sparking investigations into your stewardship of the public trust and raising concerns among Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike.

It’s clear where your priorities lie, Administrator Pruitt – with polluters and your political benefactors, not American families.

For your numerous ethical breaches, alarming dirty dealings with polluters and the irreparable damage that you’ve done to our health and environment, you must resign immediately.

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